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This is sad news. While early Intuit was a pioneer of personal finance software, currently the company is a pale shadow of former self, driven primarily by greed and an urge to milk customers for as much money as possible. Annual rehashes of the buggy and bloated piece of software, each one with a time bomb to ensure customers continue to pay, in-program ads for those who have already paid, no visible progress over the last 5-8 years. Mac version that is a joke. You name it… I’ve joined Mint precisely because it was an opposite of Intuit/Quicken. What an irony! As much as I like Mint, I don’t hold my breath about it’s future, no matter how rosy the former owners’ prognosis is. As mentioned before, Intuit is greed-driven like few other companies. Free Mint cannibalizes the sales of one of it’s cash cows (albeit the smallest of the…

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Интересно, на чем же я пролетел?.. Мой результат теста “Проверь себя: Сдай ЕГЭ!” Александр Беликов! Твердая четверка. Если вы взрослый и уже давно окончили школу, значит, вы, видимо, много читаете или у вас гуманитарная профессия. Если вы юноша, готовящийся к выпускным в школе, вам стоит полистать учебник, чтобы закрасить кое-какие пробелы в знаниях. [пройти тест] Кстати, обращаясь к собеседнику, следует писать “Вы” (пример того, как не надо – здесь). Так что авторов теста – тоже в детский сад.

There are crappy products and there are ones that are outright dangerous. Boon’s Frog Pod squarely falls into the second category. The idea is nice: instead of stuffing child’s washing accessories around the tub or on unseemly shelves, one would use a cute frog-like container. It looks nice and it keeps things tidy and my kid absolutely loved the way it hung on the wall. Not bad for thirty bucks. I followed fairly detailed instructions on surface preparation and mounting to ensure that there are no surprises. Friendly manual suggests that the Frog is “hung up out of the reach of children,” which is exactly what I did. The container was loaded with 2 small shampoo bottles, two rubber duckies, and a small washcloth. Well, lo and behold – today, 5 days since I mounted the thing, I was greeted with a loud boom from my bathroom. Turns out, the…

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create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Microsoft Live Search is now… uhm… live. Naturally, I’ve tried it out – and lost interest promptly after the first query. Microsoft is clearly trying very hard to replicate Google success. The problem is, part of the Google appeal is clean and usable UI. Unfortunately, Microsoft Search folks still don’t get it. Branding and replication of [rather garish] desktop UI elements pretty much ruin the experience. To substantiate and quantify my qualms, here is a list of things that made me think this round of improvements is still years behind Google in terms of both UI and usability: The results are shown in a scrollable subwindow inside the main window – so that we could always see the footer. That’s right, one thing we should see at all times is the copyright statement. I think, Microsoft people should go further and add the disclaimer as the first result for any…

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Forget MIMO. Donate your Linksys speed booster to charity. Now you can boost you wireless network speed dramatically using the scientifically proven technology. “..WiFi Speed Spray™ can overcome the effects of pollution, increase fidelity, and provide you with the fastest wireless data transfer possible. Compatible with ALL 802.XXx standards!” I hope it is patent pending.

Question 106: A person is approaching you, requesting entry to the U.S. (see picture). His inventory includes the following items: a homemade sword a hatchet a knife brass knuckles a chainsaw stained with something looking as blood Your actions are (choose one): Greet that person welcome and let him in. Detain the person based on the inventory above and send an inquiry to the Royal Canadian Police. Confiscate the items, briefly question the person and let him in. Correct choice: 3.

Recently, I have finally decided to upgrade our home server. My wife’s old Dell Dimension 8200 that has been in this role for a while would move to a summer house as a main PC and I would get a new server.

After shopping around, I finally ended up with the following do-it-yourself configuration:

  • ASUS Pundit barebone.
  • Intel Celeron D 2.4GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Seagate 300GB hard drive
  • Lite-On DVD writer.

Using ASUS Pundit as barebone seemed like a good idea. It is small, elegant, inexpensive, and it was said to have a good Linux support. The entire configuration cost $400+, which is significantly lower, compared to the Dell and HP prices for similar systems.

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Smartphone Thoughts is running a rather lengthy discussion about whether the development tools for Windows Mobile 5.0 are not going to be free. The Slashdot crowd has immediately jumped onto the issue as usual blaming Microsoft of a vile conspiracy. The core of the issue is the fact that Microsoft is trying to unify all of its development tools underneath the Visual Studio 2005 umbrella. Since Visual Studio is not freely distributed (unlike the Embedded Visual Tools development system), the argument goes, there will no longer be any free development for the Windows Mobile platform. I find the argument flawed for a number of reasons. If we look at the trend, there are actually many more free development tools available from Microsoft compared to the past. In fact, looking specifically at CE development tools: in order to develop for Windows CE some 3-4 years ago one had: To acquire a…

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Телегадюшник под названием RTVi не перестает умилять. Во вчерашнем выпуске новостей – опрос мнения телезрителей: “Одобряете ли вы выбор кардиналов в отношении нового Папы?” (я не шучу) Как оказалось, 63 процента виртуального Брайтон-Бич решения кардиналов не одобряют…