mkskel is a program skeleton generating script. I developed it when I got frustrated over the fact that every time I had to write a new perl or shell script, I had to recall (or copy from another script) standard features like options parsing, logging, etc.

mkskel knows how to generate a ready-to-use skeleton of programs in the following languages:

  • ksh
  • Python
  • Perl
  • C
  • C++
  • modules and header files for C and C++

In each case it generates a fairly full featured program with command-line options, logging, and (in case of ksh) ability to send output by mail.

[download], [example].


VocTest is an Emacs-based program for vocabulary testing. It uses a “dictionary” file containing colon-separated translations and presents a flash card-like interface. It is small but quite useful if you need to memorize something. I have developed this program in 1997 and have been using it on a regular basis (in fact, I am using it right now for GRE test preparation.) Let me know if you have any ideas on how to enhance this program.

[download], [screenshot].


patmv is a handy tool for batch renaming of files based on sed-style regular expressions.



ERC is an Emacs-based IRC client with support for mIRC style colors and fonts as well as most of the standard IRC commands. I stopped its development around 1999 but other people continued to extend it. It is now part of the GNU Emacs distribution.