VS Code Dark+ theme for Emacs

Being a life-long proponent of dark mode for everything (starting from VT 220 and Wyse terminals decades ago), I do tend to experiment with various dark themes every now and then. Until recently, I’ve been sticking to the awesome Dracula theme (which at this point exists for pretty much every program under the Sun), but I’ve discovered that the Dark+ theme for Visual Studio Code is even more appealing to me – it is reasonably constrained, trying not to be too flashy for its own good – overall, a pleasure to use.

Probably because of its relatively young age, it hasn’t been ported to many other programs, most notably, to Emacs. So, this sounded like a win-win situation: an opportunity to play with colors, to create a new color theme, and to learn something new in the process – what’s not to like?!

So here we go – a brand new vscdark theme for Emacs! There is a pull request for MELPA repo – once it is approved, the new theme will be readily available via package-install (for now, you have to download it from Github).

Rotating between different fonts in Emacs

There are two types of people: those who set on one font/color theme for the rest of their life and those like me, who constantly tweak their setup. Not that it helps productivity, but hey – RMS created .emacs for a reason!

Since typing in font names over and over again is a pain, I’ve created a neat function that can be called interactively to rotate between various programming-friendly fonts installed in the system. The list of fonts is partly mine, partly borrowed from Programming Fonts  (which is awesome on its own). This allows a very quick way to see how one’s code looks with different fonts (and make a final decision for the next 3 weeks or so).

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