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Recently I ran into a website that wanted me to upload several documents but it asked me to write my ID on each page of those documents in order to “make processing faster.” I’m not going to debate the intelligence of this system (given especially the fact that the during the upload I am already logged into the system, so the backend ostensibly knows the ID of the person uploading a document), but there was no chance I would “make processing faster” by…

  • Printing all documents (some spanning several dozens of pages).
  • Writing an ID on top of each freakin’ page.
  • Scanning those pages back.
  • shredding all those newly printed pages.

Why? Not only it is stupid, it insults my intelligence! Most importantly, I am lazy.

So the challenge is to create such an ID on each page programmatically, which is actually not that hard in Linux.

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I am currently working on an app that loads data in relatively small incremental payloads from the server side for offline use. Payload files are in ZIP format and the way the app knows whether it has the correct file (which might not be true – the file might be missing, partially downloaded or simply changed by developer) is by checking it’s checksum against the local file. If there is a checksum mismatch, the file is (re)downloaded.

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